The Ambiance of Outdoors With the Convenience of Indoors

The Ambiance of Outdoors With the Convenience of Indoors


A new screened area for your home allows you to experience the qualities of the outdoors in Kissimmee, Orlando, & surrounding FL areas, without the natural bothers that can come with it. Screen enclosures are great play areas for children and pets, and are wonderful refuges for relaxing, reading or napping any time of day. By shielding the space from bugs and pests, direct sunlight, winds and precipitation, screened porches and screen enclosures provide a great area to entertain family and guests any time of the year. Screened porches can also considerably add to the look and value of your home.

Florida Specialty Contracting, LLC can screen your existing porch and deck, or build a screened addition to your home. To learn more about screened porches and decks in Kissimmee, Orlando, & surrounding FL areas, and to request a free estimate, call Florida Specialty Contracting, LLC today.

Enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with pests

You love spending time on your porch, but those nasty gnats, mosquitoes and flies can ruin the experience. Keep annoying insects out by screening in your porch.

You can rely on the hardworking team at Florida Specialty Contracting, LLC to do the job. We can even put screens between deck boards, so you won't have to worry about spiders and ants crawling up through the cracks.

Call 407-508-2221 now to speak with a screen porch builder in Kissimmee, Orlando, & surrounding Fl areas.